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Safely Destroying Dead Trees

Felling a tree requires expertise by a forestry professional. Felling is where the trunk is cut down and severed from the roots so it does not damage nearby trunks. The trunk in question will most likely have been killed from fungi growth. The fungi can then spread to healthy trunks, causing multiple issues. Maintaining the region through severing contaminated trunks will stop the onset of further trunk damage to nearby species....(more)

Forestry 101: Removing a Tree Stump From Your Yard

Whether you just had a tree cut down or there is an old tree stump that you want to eliminate, removing the tree stump from your yard is a necessity. It is also dangerous if you do not take the right precautions. Do not attempt to remove a tree stump unless you know how to do it right. Use these tips to remove the tree stump efficiently, safely and legally....(more)

Effective Tree Cutters for Large-scale Jobs

Effective wood and tree cutting equipment is critical when handling small or large-scale jobs. The right tree cutter makes it easier to maintain living wood or clear existing growth. Pruners, pole saws, hand saws, woodworking saws, chainsaws, hydraulic chainsaws and loppers all perform any number of tree cutting projects....(more)

Control and Eradication of Longhorned Beetles

The Asian longhorned beetle (ALB) is a wood-boring insect that damages maples and other hardwood trees. It was first found in United States in 1996, when it was discovered on hardwood trees in Brooklyn. It was apparently introduced to the U.S. by way of wood pallets and packing materials from Asian shipments. The ALB spread rapidly, and left many destroyed trees in its wake. In 2002, the Department of Agriculture initiated a program designed to eradicate the ALB, or at least to control any further spread....(more)


A Look at Cedar Firewood

Cedar is best known as for its applications as firewood. One of the reasons is that cedar is a type of wood that naturally burns incredibly well. Not only is it easy to burn, but it also produces a sweet scent while being burned that many people find to be appealing. Cedar trees are primarily located in the westernmost American states, with California holding one of the largest deposits of cedar trees, named the California incense-cedar. However, there are both good and bad aspects of this wood....(more)

Educational Requirements for a Career in Forestry

A forestry career involves working in the preservation, management, use and repair of the most important elements of the biosphere, the forests. Such careers are ideal for those who have a bent for science and the natural world, care about conservation or simply love being outside. It is not easy to figure out how to get started on a forestry career; it is a highly specialized field with complex educational requirements, and the necessary education is not offered just anywhere. Planning for a forestry career thus involves a thorough knowledge of your educational options....(more)

The Vanishing Colorado Aspens

Nature lovers have long extolled the virtues of the aspens in Colorado. As deforestation becomes an increasingly real concern, these trees stand a tall reminder of what is at stake. They also represent an important economic asset to the state. Believe it or not, these trees are a big tourist attraction. Each year, troves of people travel to see these trees undergo a transformation....(more)


Choosing a Good Electric Chainsaw Based on Reviews

Below you will find a list of the best electric chainsaws that are available on the market, based on the reviews they have received. The products are listed based on their features and their popularity. In general, people who use electric chainsaws prefer to use the light weighted and easy to use varieties. Another important feature to look for in a good electric chainsaw is the safety aspect....(more)

Tips for Pruning Trees

Many homeowners will face the daunting task of pruning trees on their property. While trees can enhance a home and add to its value, if they are not maintained, they can weaken, die, and even become a safety hazard. To encourage healthy tree growth, it is necessary to periodically trim them. These tips will help homeowners properly prune and maintain their trees....(more)

Popular Chainsaw Reviews: Stihl ms290 Farm Boss Chainsaw

Stihl's Farm Boss remains the top-selling chainsaw model of the company for good reason. Precise engineering, a remarkably effective air filter and a workhorse engine combine to make operating this saw a pleasure. The Farm Boss is a mid-range saw designed for homeowners and landowners who cut firewood, bushes and smaller trees. Most Stihl chainsaw reviews rate the saw highly overall....(more)